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Text Box: First off, let me explain that we are a very small home run closed aviary.  My name is Lisa Oldham and I have been a bird pet owner and breeder for over 30 years.  My husband, Roy and I began as pet bird owners in California many years ago.  I hand raised and fed many of our pets and we just fell in love with them.  We then received orders to move, through the USMC.  We packed up our birds and traveled across country in our cars until we reached Jacksonville, NC.  Yes, I said it, we drove across country with 21 birds!  It is possible to travel with birds.  We enjoyed it here so much, we decided to buy a home and retire.  Because of our passion for these wonderful exotic birds, we decided to try our hand at turning this into a business.  (We all know it is not really a business when your heart is involved with the lives of these wonderful creatures.)  We felt that sharing our love of birds with people would be very rewarding, and we were right.  We have met so many wonderful people through our birds.  It is like living a new adventure each time we begin feeding another clutch of babies.  Each one has a distinct personality and it is wonderful to see them choose their new owners.  It is just my opinion, but I always feel the best match between bird and owner is to let the bird choose you.  This is what we strive for.  We are always happy to discuss birds with others and help in any way that we can.