Good Food

Fruits Veggies   Grains Proteins
Apples (Remove Seeds) Carrots and Tops Zucchini (and other squash) Steamed Rice Raw sunflower seed (small amounts)
Pears Sweet Potatoes Asparagus Cooked Pasta Chicken
Peaches Broccoli Bean or Alfalfa Sprouts Whole wheat bread Eggs
Bananas Cauliflower Spinach Popcorn (NO butter) Fish
Berries Bell or Chili Peppers Brussels Sprouts Bran Muffins Hard Cheese (small amounts)
Kiwi Beets and Tops Radish Polenta Tofu
Pomegranate Legumes Mustard & Dandelion Greens Grits Cooked Beans
Grapes Kale Bok Choy Oatmeal  
Melons Frozen Mixed Vegetables Peas All natural cereal  
Organes Corn Green Beans    

Before feeding your birds any fruits or vegetables, clean well! Most store bought fruits/veggies have pesticides on them and make sure they have not been collected near a roadway which can prove to be lethal to your bird.

Also, try cutting up the veggies or fruits into dices, long slices, or thin little strips. You can feed apple whole as long as you skin it. My birds love to shred apple! You can also feed them *plain* apple sauce! Also, make sure you remove the roots, pits, and seeds of the food you give them.