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This is a list of people we trust and do business with. 

Elliott's Egg Babies - Nancy Elliott  ElliottsEggBabies@hotmail.com Nancy does boarding of birds in Stella, NC
The Fussy Parrot - Tammie Brafford Thomas    http://www.thefussyparrot.com WB Caiques, mini Macaws, Conures, Eclectus, African Greys, Red Bellies, Senegals, Meyers, Hawk Heads and Goffin Cockatoos
Gina Carter ginacarter44@yahoo.com Finches, Parakeets, Lovebirds. Cockatiels, Sun Conures, Black Capped Conures, Normal & Cinnamon Green Cheek Conures, Blue & Green Quakers, Jardine parrots and Parrotlets
Gayle Rakestraw birdmamma01@hotmail.com Lovebirds, Cockatiels, Sun Conures, WB & Black Capped Caiques, Lineolated parakeets, Parrotlets, Quakers, and hopefully Blue Front Amazons and African Greys soon.
Something Cheeky - Phil & Quiana Mignella www.somethingcheeky.com Many Green Cheek Conure Mutations, Crimson Bellied Conure, Misty or Jade Conure, Pearly Conure, Firey Shouldered Conure, White Ear Conure, Painted Conure, Gauden Conure, Rose Crown Conure, Black Cap Conure, Maroon Bellied Conure, Senegal, Quaker, Timneh Grey, and Meyers Parrot.
Albino Boids Etc - Eric V. Oldham www.albinoboidsetc.webs.com Breeds Ball Pythons (a few different Morphs), Corn Snakes, and Western Hognose.
Light Bulb Kenny- Ken London www.lightbulbkenny.com For all your special lighting needs for your birds!!  We use Vita Lights for all our pet birds and in the aviary!! We highly recommend his products.

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This is a wonderful group of people whom you can share information with and ask questions. They are pet owners and breeders.










Many thanks to Becky McKirahan at Custom Embroidery for allowing me to use some of their wonderful Custom Embroidery pictures on this web site.  Please visit their site and take a look at their magnificant work.




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