We do accept deposits on babies and payments, while the babies are being hand fed. We will keep the baby with us until you have paid for it in full at the time of weaning. You are encouraged to visit your baby on scheduled visits.  We feel that visits you and your baby spend together will make the transition from our home to yours much less stressful for the baby..

We are now accepting Cash, Credit cards and Paypal as payments!!!

I am very sorry to say, we can no longer let any baby go until it is paid in full

 Shipping is available

You will be responsible for cost of shipping ($154.06 to $197.63) and of the crate ($35.00 to $40.00).  We ship only Delta Regular or Delta Dash.


DNA and disease testing is offered at your expense.



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 Female Red Sided Eclectus



2 Babies still hand feeding

1 Male and 1 Female

$1600.00      $1400.00

 Wonderful loving family members and so fun to be around.  They make so many different sounds, in my personal opinion they are as smart as my African Greys!  The Green Color of the Males is beautiful and the Females with their Red and Blue bodies, well you have to see them both in person to appreciate how really spectacular they are.

Sun Conures are one of the most striking birds, in my opinion.  They are great pets, but that being said, know that they can get very loud, vocally.  They are active birds and have very outgoing personalities.



1 Cockatiel Babies


$125.00 (1) Pastel Face Grey

 They make wonderful family editions and also a very good first time bird.  Very friendly little birds, males tend to speak and sing more than the females, but there are females who break that rule!  Both can make wonderful pets. 

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Avian Borna Virus (PDD), Polyoma Virus, Psittacosis and PBFD testing was done in October of 2017 with all Negative results
Date of Last Disease Testing done:


If you would like to get on a waiting list for a baby that we breed, just let us know!






The 2017 season is in full swing..  We have many eggs in boxes.  If there is a bird you just have to have and we do not have it, contact me and I will check my contacts and try to find it for you.   Please feel free to contact us if you have any other questions or just want to talk Birds!


Congo African Grey

1 Normal



Hatch Date


Wonderful birds, great speaking ability.  Some love sounds, some love speech. Very intelligent.  Such little joys to have around.  These babies have been hand raised and fed from the time they came out of the egg.  Will make wonderful pets.


All Prices Quoted on this page are per bird unless Pair is specified





Sun Conure


, will be DNA'd

4 Babies











Eggs in Nest Box

Cockatiel (Babies in box)







 Half Moon Conure


Female, was returned because she was to small a bird for the gentleman.  She is a bit nippy with new people, just found this out today.  Was very sweet, now is afraid of things.  She is sweet to me, but has known me for 8 months.  She is DNA'd.


Half Moon Conures are charming little birds.  They are very active and love to explore and play.  These little birds are conures, so they can get noisy at times.  The parents of these are very talkative little birds.  They do make wonderful pets.







Quakers are wonderful Hearty birds!  Speaking ability is really great.  They are just full of personality.  They can become cage aggressive, so you must keep them socialized.  They come in many colors, we breed the normal green, the Opaline Green, the Blues and the Opaline Blue.  We do have the Cinnamon Gene in there also.