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As with humans we all need to have some grooming or beautification from time to time.

If you purchase a baby bird from us, we will provide the following services free of charge for the life of your bird. If you have not purchased from us there will be a small fee.

Trimming of the wings $ 5.00  

Trimming of the nails

$ 5.00  

Trimming beaks

$ 5.00



PBFD, Polyoma Virus,

Pacheco's and other diseases


Cost for disease testing varies


   This service will be done at the new owners cost.  The results for these test will usually be available in about a week.         

DNA testing $25.00

Results usually available in 1 week

If you did not buy your bird from us, we can still have DNA testing or disease testing done if you wish, the price remains the same.




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